22. Aquarius. Neopagan who's drawn towards the Norse pantheon. Once the possessor of a mohawk and a goatee. Still in possession of a septum piercing. Aspiring polyglot. Science geek. Physics major. Steampunk enthusiast. Dangerously close to being a Victorian goth hipster. Nietzsche admirer. A scholar in the art of puns. A wandering star, hurdling through the universe at speeds beyond our comprehension.

Luscious light.

I can’t breathe. Just can’t. Someone needs to come give me mouth-to-mouth, preferably a cute boy.

Tumblr, please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to my pants collection, Dionysus.

Guess who has new socks.


Shush, girl, shut your lips.

Do the Helen Keller

and become an advocate for women’s rights and labor rights, be the inspiration for a Bollywood film, introduce the country to akitas, and get yourself on a state quarter.


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original image by hank888


By Salar Kheradpejouh